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How do I sync my device?
To enable your device to automatically sync with The Official® 10,000 Step Program website you will first need to set up your device. There are two ways to set up your wearable device:

  1. Prior to the challenge commencing go to Edit My Profile and choose My Devices. Here you will be able to connect your device to The Official® 10,000 Step Program website so it manually syncs with the website each time you login. Ensure you follow all the steps in the process to correctly connect your device.
  2. From day one of the challenge there will be a link to Set Up Device on the Dashboard located in the box for entering your daily step totals. Click on the link to set up your device. Ensure you follow all the steps in the process to correctly connect your device. 

Once you have set up your device it can take some time for your device to sync with the website. Please be patient. Most wearable devices come with an app that you can download to see your stepping information in more detail. It is recommenced to access your app and force it to sync with your device as this can help speed up the process for syncing with The Official® 10,000 Step Program website. Once your device is correctly set up, it should automatically sync with The Official® 10,000 Step Program website each time you login.

Do I need a specific pedometer or wearable to measure my steps?
No, with The Official® 10,000 Steps Program you are not limited to using a specific pedometer or wearable device. You can count your steps using any step counting device. Many wearable devices with Bluetooth availability will be able to sync with our challenge website, otherwise, step counts can be manually entered.

I have forgotten my password...
To re-set your password, please click “forgot your password?” when you go to log in, then follow the steps provided. Once you’ve logged in successfully you can change your password in “edit my profile”.

How can the competition be fair if there are teams with different numbers in them?
It isn't easy for workplaces to always have teams of the exact same size. To ensure that everyone can be involved, we have an averaging formula working away in the background to help ensure an even playing field no matter the team size.

Are my results and quiz responses confidential?
Personal information collected in The Official® 10,000 Steps Program quiz is confidential. Your personal details and individual answers to questions will at no stage be provided to your employer or available to anyone outside of the 10,000 Steps Team. A summary report will be provided to your employer providing an aggregate summary of quiz results.

Your daily step progress will be visible to you and your team mates. Your team results will be displayed on the leader board and the map.

Why is 10,000 steps per day so important?
We know from national and international research that if you complete 10,000 steps per day you dramatically reduce your risk of developing a number of lifestyle illnesses and diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers.

What if I can't do 10,000 steps each day?
People are often shocked when they first wear a step-counting device and start tracking their daily steps. Often their total daily step count is far lower than expected. One of the great benefits to wearing a step-counting device is that it creates an awareness of how many steps are achieved on a daily basis.

You have the length of the challenge to gradually improve and build yourself a life sustaining habit. No matter how large or small your daily step count is, it is still contributing to your team total and getting your team closer to the finish line. A great way to build your step count is to try and increase your daily step total by 300 steps per day.  

Very few teams in the challenge are made up of super athletes - most teams are a group of like-minded people wanting to have some fun, connect with their team mates and improve their lifestyle.

What if I do other types of exercise and I cannot wear my step counting device?
The Official® 10,000 Steps Program is all about encouraging movement and the more the better. Click on the Exercise Conversion tile on the right-hand side of the website's dashboard to find out more.

What counts as breaking the rules?
The Official® 10,000 Steps Program is a competition and requires honesty and fair play if everyone is to benefit. The following are not allowed:

  • Falsifying your steps
  • Having any person other than yourself wearing your step-counting device
  • Giving the step-counting device to your child or pet (duh!)
  • Adding steps based off the exercise conversion formulas if you were also wearing your step-counting device while doing the activity

Is there an Official® 10,000 Steps Program App?
No, but you can access the site on your mobile phone. See the Bookmark Your Phone tile on the right-hand side of the website's dashboard to save the website to your phone for easy access.